Refund Policy 退換貨政策


我們的首要任務是能滿足到各 Sportsman 的需要!如果閣下未完全滿意今次的購物,閣下可根據以下條款提出退款或更換貨品

  • 請於確認訂單或收到貨物的7天內,以電郵或Whatsapp書面提出退款或更換要求
  • 我們會盡快以閣下提出申請的同一渠道盡快回覆跟進
  • 顧客請保留單據和所有的包裝,並且貨件須為全新未使用或組裝過,否則有機會不接受要求
  • 以下為一般可退款或更換的情況:
    • 來貨時發現商品有明顯破損或零件缺失(請隨申請附上相關相片)
    • 來貨與訂購貨品截然不同
    • 配送人員失誤發錯貨品
  • 以下為一般不可退款或更換的情況:
    • 於本司說明之送貨期內以發貨時間太長為由
    • 於訂單確認後因無法更換其他貨品、顏色、尺寸等為由
    • 主觀原因,如貨品上有極小污點、小線頭等大致不影響貨物美觀及實用性為由
    • 因顯示器不同而導致色差上的誤會為由
    • 因質料不符想像、或因尺寸不合為由(除非網站上沒有提供相關資料)
  • 如因遺失原有包裝而有可能導致貨物退回時受損,Sportsman將不接受退換
  • 如經確認可進行換貨,顧客可選擇以貨物購買價更換任何貨品。如更換價值較高之貨品,顧客須支付差額。如更換價值較低之貨品,所有餘額將不獲退回
  • 顧客需自行承擔退貨時的郵費
  • 我們建議顧客使用有保險的郵寄方式,我們不會為在郵寄過程中的退貨物件負責。當我們收到退回之貨物,才會展開退款或寄出更換之貨物,除非已與閣下另作安排
  • 所以預購產品,一經訂購,不設退款
  • Sportsman 會保留所有退款及換貨權利
  • 以上條款及細則有機會更新,本司不作另行通知

Seven days refund and exchange promise:

Your satisfaction is Sportsman’s top priority.  Should you have any issue with the item(s) you just received, you may raise a return or exchange request according to the following details:  

  • You may file your written request by email or Whatsapp within 7 days after order confirmation or receival of the product(s).
  • Our representative will response as soon as possible via the same communication channel.
  • Please keep all receipts/invoices and original packaging, and the item concerned should be brand new, unused/unassembled, otherwise your request might not be considered.
  • Usual refundable/replaceable conditions:
    • Defected goods with obvious wear and tear, or missing parts upon time of receival. (Please attached relevant photographs)
    • Item(s) received different from the description or  image on our webpage.
    • Wrong product(s) delivered.
  • Usual non-refundable/replaceable conditions:
    • Perceived long delivery time but still within the already specified delivery time frame.
    • Unable to exchange to desired product(s) due to shortage of that product(s) after confirmation of order.
    • Subjective reasons such as small stains, loose thread etc. that does not affect the overall aesthetic and functionality of the product(s).
    • Color discrepancy due to different monitor display.
    • Product material and size do not meet expectation (except when no relevant information is provided on our webpage).
  • Return of product is not accepted if original packaging is lost and the product might be damaged during the returning process.
  • You may replace any product(s) from our site with the purchased price if such arrangement is agreed.  You will be responsible for the price different if the product(s) is of higher value; and no refund will be provided should the replacing product(s) is of lower value.  
  • You will be responsible for any shipping fee for returning the product(s).
  • We recommend using insured delivery when returning.  We are exempted from any responsibility before receiving the returned product(s).  Refund or replacement will proceed once we have received the product(s) or agreed otherwise.
  • No refund is available for all pre-ordered products.
  • Sportsman reserves the final right to interpret the terms and conditions herein.
  • The terms and conditions herein may be updated from time to time without prior notice.