Exclusive Adjustable Dumbbell Zoom Fitness 55lbs

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Exclusive in HK area! Brand new professional dumbbell design from Tai Wan!

  • 15 weight options in split second (from 10lbs to 55lbs) 
  • Adjust weights as precise as 2.5lbs
  • Uniquely designed that the length of the dumbbell adjust with the chosen weight for better central of gravity 
  • Poly-shape designed for more training options.  Feel free to do push ups with it!
  • PVC coated weights.  No worry for rusting plates or dumbbell scratching your floor
  • Plates compactly built.  No clunking noise or loose parts that'll disturb your training
  • Patent awarded throughout Asia, Europe and North America
  • Each dumbbell comes with a robust PVC base
  • In stock product, door-to-door delivery in approximately a week


    • Dumbbell weight: 55LB (about 25kg)
    • Tray weight: 2.6LB (about 1.18kg)
    • Dumbbell size: 45cm (L) * 23cm (W) * 20cm (H)
    • Tray size: 49.3cm (L) * 28.7cm (W) * 8.8cm (H)
    • Material: Aluminum, Steel, PP, Nylon, ABS
    • Box total weight: 26kg/group

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