Door Pull Up Bar (Extra large anti-skid)

  • HK$288.00
  • Save HK$92

  • No screws and no drilling : Stabilize with two elongated anti-skid devices on both sides against any cement walls, security doors, solid wood doors, corridors.
  • Extra large anti-skid devices : Unlike normal anti-skid devices, the elongated pads comes with 32 horizonal strips, provide extra four times the surface area normal pads can, and is able to withstand extra downward loading. 
  • Hold up to 200kg (440lbs)!
  • Safety locking mechanism : The bar features two safety locks on both sides of the pole to prevent it from loosening and spinning. 
  • Easy to install : Simply rotate the bar and press against the wall/door frame to set up.  You may switch between training locations and techniques in split seconds!  
  • Gym rings included : Paired with our 1.5m gym rings for more training variation! 
  • Material : Thickened anti-bending steel pipe with anti-slip and sweat-absorbent foam handle
  • Width : 65 - 100cm.  Fit-in most of the corridors or doors in Hong Kong apartments. 
  • Anti-skid dimension : 20.5cm x 7.5cm (L x W), fit onto even the thinnest door frame
  • In stock product, door-to-door delivery in approximately a week

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