About Sportsman 關於我們


Sportsman 最直接的意思就是參與運動的人。Sportsman 於2016年成立時,就是旨在成為一間 "by sportsman, for all sportsmen" 的網上健身用品平台。我們深感身邊一班希望挑戰自己、鍛鍊身體的朋友,常因為健身器材品質參差、價格高昂、款式花多眼亂等原因而令運動的熱情退卻;甚至有機會因產品品質問題而導致受傷。我們亦知道收費高昂的健身室也不是每位朋友能夠每月承擔的。正正是為著這樣的一眾sportsman,讓我們決定踏上創立 Sportsman 之路。
Sportsman 更深入的意思,就是能展現體育精神的人。挫而不屈;勝而不驕。所以我們堅持,要為我們的客戶搜羅、挑選優質、安全、耐用又實際的家居健身產品。我們在挑選的過程中,花費了大量時間去搜索產品、購入並真人測試產品、試過要忍痛扔掉昂貴但不安全的健身椅、亦為自家品牌的拉力繩設計更安全的接駁位。我們為的,就是讓大家不需要再經歷我們所經驗過的;以我們的付出的時間,換取大家能立刻開始健身的時間!So what are you waiting for?

What does Sportsman stand for?

To us, it's not just people participating in sports, but more of an attitude of persistent until we reach what we are striving for.  It's the spirit that keep us going when we feel weary.  And here's our story:
Sportsman was founded in the year of 2016 with the motto of "by sportsman, for all sportsman."  We, like all our athlete friends around us, aspire to train, to challenge and to live a better version of ourselves through workouts.  However time after time we see fewer and fewer companions along the journey.  Part of the reasons was that the price of most fitness equipment on market or webstores are high but the quality are not guaranteed.  The only way they can know is through trials and errors, not only by burning cash, but worst, by inflicting injuries.  On the other hand, there are friends simply can't afford the pricy fee for a local gym.  With these sportsmen in our mind, we started Sportsman.  
Throughout the years, Sportsman has been sourcing for fitness equipment from numerous channels and we are not just drop shipping them.  In fact we paid the effort to try those gears out and countless of times we had to throw away pricy benches simply we were not satisfied with the quality.  We modified the design of the most commonly seen resistance bands for extra sturdiness.  We aim to provide quality, safe, durable and practical gears that you can enjoy staying right at home.  All these efforts are for you to stop wasting precious time that could have been used for shaping a better you.  So, nuff said, let's get to business and start your sportsman journey now!