2 In 1 Ab Roller Kettlebell

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Discouraged by using traditional ab roller?

Having a hard time rolling back up?

This is the one roller that you should give it a shot!

  • Multi-function: deformable abdominal muscle wheel, abdominal muscle wheel + kettlebell (two in one), after folding the handles on both sides, it can be used as a kettlebell, exercise core muscles at multiple angles, reduce fat calories, enhance body immunity; Without going to the gym, you can easily create a perfect body curve.
  • Intelligent brake rebound: When the abdominal wheel is pushed to a tight state, there will be a rebound function to help reset, effectively protect muscles and ligaments, safely prevent sports injuries, and protect the safety of beginners.
  • Design: widen and thicken the wheel hub, improve stability, uniform force, and prevent rollover safely. Built-in thick stainless steel tube, strong and durable, 
  • Wheel Material: High-toughness rubber material, which is soft and does not hurt the floor, and rolling is more silent.
  • Handle Material: High-quality EVA, with clear texture, ergonomic design, non-slip and comfortable.
  • Weight :3.5kg
  • Bearing weight :150kg (330lbs)
  • In stock product, door-to-door delivery in approximately a week

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